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by Euripides

Cie Les Ménades


Photos from a presentation of work in progress Les Troyennes

El Duende, janvier 2015

copyright : Atelier Friedland Paris

The set is designed for both plays at once. The diptych begins with The Trojan Women and continues to The Bacchae without interval. The scenography is still on stage and it is only transformed during the first play. That's why the design is quite abstract and organised by different kind of panels tha can rotate in a vertical or horizontal axis and can move by the actors.

Four smaller elements composed by a frame with a vertical axis support small propellers that can rotate trough movment. These elements represent the fire for the first play while they accentuate the brightness and the geometry of the palace for the second one.

Directed by Coralie Pradet


Scenography Maria Anastasia Kefalaki

Light Design Samuel Racine

Costume Nelson Gomes Teixeira

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