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Cie des Sens


by Aristides Vargas

Festival Chercheurs d'Etoiles, Montgesty (Lot) - July 2013
Théâtre de l'Opprimé, Paris - February 2013
Centre Luis Lumière, Paris - May 2012

The set is organized around a tree, the symbol of all the women rooted in an old house. It is made of old feminine clothes.
Across the stage, a closet animates the game developing between two little girls. It is where all their imagination stems from.
These are the most important elements on stage and they are supplemented by lots of suitcases moved around by the actors throughout the play. However, nobody uses these suitcases for traveling. They are full of souvenirs and hope and their presence on stage stresses the fact that nobody has ever left this place.

Directed by Jean-Paul Denizon

with Adeline Arias et Julia Henning


Scenography Maria Anastasia Kefalaki et Laurent Blondeau

Light Design Luigi D'Aria

Sound Design Clément Griffault

Marionnette Claudine Dolo

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