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Competition, 2013

Collaboration with L.Blondeau

A courtyard organised by traditional architecture, originally stable mews for the Cardiff Castle, will be the site for the “World Stage Design Festival 2013” : a celebration of international performance design from the world of theatre, opera and dance.

To house this event, we create a place for a travel to be provoked. We mix the traces from the past with the imaginative world of the theatre and the contemporary innovation. The theatre occupies half of the courtyard. It is placed so as to conserve the main movement of the courtyard and close to the space supposed to be used as the backstage. It occupies the courtyard in a way to conserve a vital, well orientated exterior space for further activity.

Based on a research of materials and their symbolisme, we use three basic materials, evocating three quite different architectures : the straw bale, the canvas and the polycarbonate sheets.

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