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Competition, 3d prize, 2011

Collaboration with L.Blondeau et J.Henning

Under the vaulting of an ancient church, one can feel even smaller. What are we? What should we believe in? Pure and impure, fair and unfair, heaven and hell are no longer separated. At the “Crossing Roads Theatre” the borders between Good and Evil are blurred. Reality is complex and truth is only relative.

Four paths lead the viewer to the play, through four settings, four stories, four different points of view influencing him.

The rooms, with their architectural characteristics reinforced, are organized for each and every different encounter between the audience and the comedians.

Under the vaulting, the characters share a memory; in the backstage, a moment of intimacy; in the roof space, a secret, and faced with the screens, they denounce the present time.

Once all the viewers have gathered on the main stage, each one has to discover his own point of view among these narratives. We find ourselves involved in a vertically developing scene. The audience and the comedians are a living scenography among with the stone walls and the steel structures.

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