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RAJKA "you're already involved!"

Competition, 2013

Collaboration with L.Blondeau et G.Loubet

How does a city react when you touch one of its nerves? Does its body move?
In the center of Rajka, an urban scale empty site needs transformation to act like a nerve so as to fill the space with movement and activity.
We are proposing a project, created by a simple gesture. It is a park everyone refers to and everyone gets involved in. The park is designed by shrinking the city plan itself; roads become paths, gardens
become planting space, and every house, rendered in scale, invites its owner to personalize it, to transform it.
Thus, citizens become involved because of their property’s reflection in the park and even more by creating its equipment and its decoration.
To reinforce and organize this activity, a “nervous center” is placed in the shrunken position which corresponds to the park itself. This center will house all creativity and communication and will be a
landmark for the city as well as for the park. It will be a house of all citizens in their park.

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