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Design Competition, 2016

Collaboration with A.Margie and S.Sarianos

Our project aims to re-evaluate the square, currently used as a car park, so as to attract both locals and tourists throughout the year.

We are proposing a flexible space able to host public and cultural events as well as a place for people to meet with each other.

In order to mark the geographical location of the site and to accentuate the topography of the island, the north coastline is transcribed in the site as an elevation of the ground level. Two frames organise and structure the design. Both north and south entrances to the square follow a radial frame inviting the visitor. In the north, this frame is less visible, as tropical vegetation is denser and creates continuity with the beach on the other side of the road. The rest of the design, such as the urban equipment, the vegetation and the lighting, follows a north-south frame.

An underground car park of 50 parking spaces is in the plans.

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